Effective Prayer/Word

2017 Jesus at the doorThis painting was a favorite of mine as a child and still is to this day. To me then and now it gives a pattern for our prayers that is available to everyone. Knowing how to pray effectively has no religious tie, it is Universal to all.

At this time in our World there are many issues and conditions that seem to be out of control. Much focus is centered around the negative and often terrific things that are happening. Perhaps we don’t wish to take responsibility for these things, but if we truly believe that we are all one energy, completely and totally related, let us change our focus and know that harmony and peace is within every heart on this earth. Regardless of actions, regardless of World News. In the beginning the word was “God, I AM” and it is that I AM which connects the Universe, the World and ever person in the Universe and World still.

There have been many avatars that came to teach these truths. Each person may follow the avatar of their choosing.  Jesus was the Avatar, some say the only begotten one. Certainly his message was for ALL, with non judgment and filled and overflowing with God’s Love, which brought Light and brings that to anyone today.

This Love and Light is the focus we are asked to hold in our thoughts, emotions and actions today to solve the misguided and negative vibrations of the World NOW. The Harmony of all depends on us. Shall we Know & focus on, the truth that shall set us free, the perfect love that cast out fear and the peace that passes all understanding, to the  perfection in our world today? Let us stand, knowing the word, at the door of our own heart and each heart of every man, woman and child today. Be still and know.

The Perfect Plan



Let us focus this week on The Plan. The Divine Plan of our personal creation. For we each were created not in lack and limitation but in Light of Abundance. Our head often leads us in paths of the world, which may not be The Plan for us. The phrase used by the Master Jesus can be used by each of us. “Thy will be done.”  The difference between a true need and a desire or lust will become clear.  As we recognize and understand this difference, our prayers will come from our heart or Love Center naturally and the result may well be greater than we could ever expect. “Simplify the needs of life, to comply with the Plan of Creation and Be Happy” 


Each week the words and or theme of the Thoughts for the Week are inspired by Dr. D.J. Bussell’s volumes of writings, which I am honored to have in my library. I go to that special place within and connect with the Highest Energy of the Universe and am directed to the words that are needed for that week. Most often it is only the theme, but the writing of next weeks thoughts I felt compelled to explain here.

These Thoughts are often given in the first person, not for me personally but that in your meditation and prayer around these Thoughts you can make them very personal and effect the best results possible that day and perhaps beyond.

I was truly blessed in knowing personally Dr. Bussell and Dr. Hess the co founders of the Chirothesian Church in California August 2, 1917. No, I wasn’t there at the founding, but was born into the Church 1936. My fond memory of Dr. Hess was that of setting on his lap and his deep soothing voice calling me “child”. Dr. Bussell was my Example, Teacher, Healer and Mentor from that very young age. Today and each day as I set at my computer writing, pictures of both scholars look over my right shoulder. Without much thinking I can feel their presence and wisdom echoing in my head. I am blessed.

If you’ve read some of the other pages included in this site, you know that the beginning of a Church was not the beginning of the way of life of Chirothesia, which dates back to the Minoan civilization 2,000 B.C. “When Greece became part of the Roman Empire, the principles and practice of Chirothesia had become an accepted Way of Life in many lands and among many peoples.” direct quote from Dr. D.J. Bussell, “What is Chirothesia”. He also went on to explain that these principles were not exclusive to any one organized group but were universal in practice, and could be used within the “Law of the Land” where ever. This remains true today.

Well, those are my Words, for this week. As I was writing the clouds lifted and the sun is shining brightly on the day of Fall, 2017, 2:30 PM.

The Name


Chirothesian’s for Centuries have worked within the frame of all world religions. When looking closely  without prejudice, there is the same truth expressed in different ways. The is only One Spirit. Some call that creative energy God, or The One, Ala, etc. Personally I choose to think he/she doesn’t care what name or gender is used only that you connect and walk in Truth of  understanding and the Light of Love. Sharing a personal view lovingly to all, Dr. Grace.  Shared in light of this that this weeks Thoughts for the Week are freely given.

Dravidian Cross1

The name Chirothesia dates back more than 2,000 years during the Minoan civilization, when Greece had reached its zenith as a great civilization.

According to history, these people, like the Dravidian, lived a life style of brotherly love, compassion and devotion to all creation and The Creator.

By the year 200 B.C. the principle and practice of Chirothesia had become an accepted Way of Life in many lands and among many people.

The formation of a church came in modern time, 1917. Today, like eons ago, the principles and practice of Chirothesia can be found in many lands and among many people. This web site is dedicated to this Way of Life.

Eclipse News for September 2016

The Harvest Moon will fill the sky on Friday night, September 16, 2016 and, for some people across the globe, it will bring a special event – a lunar eclipse. 

But even if you can’t see this event the vibrations are felt. So be aware and enjoy!

Friday night’s lunar eclipse will be the final eclipse of the year and will be visible across Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Those across North America and South America will have to wait until 2017 to see another eclipse.

Use Our Power in Righteousness

Today’s news prompts me to write this, probably my first real ‘blog’; my opinion for your exploration and proving.

Horrific things are happening all around us and too many of us are feeling helpless. WE ARE POWERFUL! However, we need to remember to use our power in Righteousness (Righto Use)  and Loving ways. Nothing of value will result if we fail to act in this ways. Nothing has in the past. Nothing will in our future.

The words we use send out vibration that affect the entire world atmosphere. We don’t know all the answers but in our years on this earth experience and research there are many keys and guides given us, not just some but all of us in the world for our behavior modus operandi and modus vivendi. (a method of procedure) & (a manner of living: a way of life). These are terms yours truly grew up with that perhaps is not commonly used today. But the strength of meaning in these two phrases may lend weight to the importance, urgency and value here today.

Prayer,  is used by all religious and non religion people. From contemporary teachers  we have quoted in past lessons, such as Gregg Braden, in Secrets of “Lost Mode of Prayer” also Wayne Dyer, Glenda Green & Bruce Lipton, to mention a few…Our practice of prayer may be still be missing the mark.

Dr. Bussell, the co-founder of our church, made strong and repeated mention to using the power of prayer in a positive not negative manner. He said, and then we students all proved, that which we deny we give identification to and verifying the existence of that negative thing, which we are asking in prayer to be gone from our life.  Focus on the highest expectation or “something better” and then fill your (1) heart and  (2) mind in that order, with gratitude for having it NOW regardless of the appearance at this moment. You most likely will have to repeat and repeat until your mind stops leading your heart and action. This is where our Statement of Being comes in. When the negativity or doubts creep into our mind, and they will because our mind is not disciplined; repeat, repeat repeat.  When our mind is disciplined our heart will rule, not the other way around.

We have this tool, this divine gift to use. God is; I am. This Statement of Being belongs to everyone but can never be used negatively, only rightly.

In the matter of world peace…It is this authors suggestion that we all focus in prayer on the Peace we desire and SURROUND our neighborhoods, cities, counties, States, Countries and the entire World with this desired Peace. See it as a gentle blanket (soft pink would be nice) enfolding everyone, regardless of who or what they are, in Peace and Divine Love. There is an old hymn:  “Sweet Peace, the Gift of God’s Love”. Wish all could all hear that hymn, for then you would feel what we are saying. Wish the media would play that old hymn over and over in the background as they report the news too.

Peace is one of the many gifts The Creator of All created before the people of the world were created. These gifts were created first. Let us use them a bit more wisely, now in these days. Send out prayers of peace,  encircling first our homes, then our neighborhoods, cities, counties, States, Countries and the entire World; making the circle of peace vibration bigger and bigger. Stop HOLDING prayer; SURROUND in prayer. The words we use send out vibration that affect the entire world atmosphere. See the small difference in ‘surround and hold.’  There is a different vibration.

Please! Please! Please! This is the hour we are all being called into righteous, Loving Prayer Action. Hands-Mercy-Faith-Stock-Photos

Respectfully in Love and Light, Dr. Grace




The great Hindu scriptures say that God is absolute truth, absolute joy, absolute beauty. Any scientist who is seeking the absolute truth, as Einstein did, is seeking God. Anyone seeking absolute joy, whether in a tavern or in the shopping mall or in Monte Carlo, is seeking God. And anyone who is seeking absolute beauty – on a canvas or a stage or a mountaintop – is seeking God. What lovers of beauty seek in paintings, in sculpture, in dance, in music is just a reflection of the absolute beauty that is God. The real source of all beauty is God, the Beloved.  by Easwaran

Christian Metaphysical

Dravidian Cross1  Our founders were very specific that the principles and teachings of Chirothesia are based on the life and teachings of Jesus, Who became the Christ, as the modern Messiah, presenting the Law of God in a modern manner to a modern world. The four Gospels and the Books of James and Jude are considered a fair presentation of the original Plan for Man.  A Christian Way of Life given in a Metaphysical format as the Parables of the Messiah and First Metaphysican, Jesus the Christ as our Guide and Messiah. Christian Metaphysical

The origin and meaning of ‘church’ was any designate meeting place where people may learn the Law of God. Chirothesian Way  fits that definition as does other churches, synagogues or temples.  The Law of God and its relationship to all man, woman and children, together with the understanding and application for all man, woman and child, is the format of this presentation,  also fits the original meaning of ‘church’. The thoughts are presented for your exploration and proving by you for you.

Using Biblical , as well as ancient and modern texts, we strive to utilize these to explain our interpretation of the everyday experiences man today. To share New Light on Ancient Truth, is our deepest intention on this Web presentation. Our work both here and with one on one consultations,  are presented lovingly and freely,  supported by your Love Donations.