In The Silence


2018 February 11 Lesson

Our phrase this week is “In the Silence”

We have talked before about the teaching and life examples of Jesus, who became The Christ The Anointed One, as being all those things for all humanity, not for just a select group. A brilliant writer, translator of Aramaic, the language Jesus and his family spoke, is where one may find this thought substantiated. We have taken the question to The Silence and from our personal discernment agree his account to be true. We certainly urge everyone to use your own Divine Gift of discernment with all ancient and modern or current teachings, mine included.

In the Silence Jesus went to the mountain to pray more than one time. He approach every healing and every situation presented with a moment of silence. The question than must be asked of anyone who proclaims Jesus is Lord…If this was the way Jesus lived; and he said we were to do “all the things I do” is not the Silence our first step in prayer and meditation? If those prayers and meditations are to be valuable and productive?

To achieve that which is of need or the topic in our prayers and meditations?

Would this approach help tremendously with the trials before the both personal and world?

Our suggestion is to try this approach before throughing the entire idea out. It doesn’t cost to direct our prayer and meditation through the silence, in the heart before letting it enter the head. Always remembering “Not my will, but thine be done” Luke 22:42. In our life, prayers and meditations. The Silence approached in this manner, I’m sure there will bring an answer that is heard, felt from within or be materialized in our life and the world.

Be Happy in the Silence this week. Be Happy in knowing that God is our salvation in all things in this life experience.

PS: The 16th World Sound Healing Day will be the 14th of February, when folks, from may sectors, all over the World will join at the same time of day, which is 7 AM PST. You can get more information on line at World Sound Healing. They are suggesting that we make the sound “AH” for 5 min. As we going into The Silence and repeat your favorite spiritual phrase or name over for that period of time, will hold tremendous power toward this goal of peace whether personal or world peace. The more voices, the more positive effect toward the goal. Join me for 5 min.